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Posted: September 26, 2010 in Anti tea Party/ Republican, Religion is a joke!, Uncategorized

Feel free to click on the titles and leave comments and then come back and read my response.

  1. Judy Brownrigg says:

    Excellent Blog here. You have hit on everyone of my thoughts and I couldn’t have agreed more if I had written this myself….though never, ever quite as well.

    Thank you for this.

  2. Jeanie Meador says:

    What a perfect blog. It is exactly what everyone should read and should have read prior to the elections tomorrow. If only we could make this happen, those of us who believe in live and let live could have such a better life. I just saw Haley Barbour, that fat pig, racist, southern asshole talking about how the Repub’s are going to “Take this country back,” Back from what, those who might interfere in them becoming even more wealthy at the expense of everyone who doesn’t fit into their plan! I had to turn off the TV, they make me crazy!! Seriously, though, something is going to have to be done because these nutjobs are so radical, their ideas will take us back to the 18th. century.

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