Will Republicans turn on the Tea Party when the Tea Party Cost them the House and Senate?

Posted: October 16, 2010 in Anti Republican, Anti tea Party/ Republican, Uncategorized

In the general election so few Tea Party Backed Candidates are showing they stand a chance to get elected to office. Florida Governor, Indiana, South Carolina and few others. Most trail by double digits.

Even Christine O’Donnell, the pride of the Tea Party queen Sara Palin has been abandoned.  Money has dried up and she trails by as many as 17 points. She cost Republicans a seat because of her primary victory. Once the spot light was on this nut job and adults saw her, her wacko idea’s and thoughts, plus her real life failures, her support is left to those that blindly vote for an Idea not reality…

Had Mike Castle won the primary he’d have stood a good chance to win in November. But like many other Tea Party victories in the Primaries only 3% of the registered voters bothered to turn out and that handed the primary to O’Donnell and ultimately to the Democrats. Same goes for New York where 2% turned out to vote Paladino to the Republican ticket and he trails by as much as 20 points.

Had A moderate Republican won in Nevada Harry Reid would be trailing by 10 points. Instead he leads by 2…

This is playing out in race after race. Once these right wing nut jobs views and lives are exposed for what they are they are left with the support that won them the nomination and little else… with few exceptions. Remember they ran 100’s of candidates and and maybe 3 have a lead… There are several Tea Party backed Republicans but that is different and many of those have already turned their backs somewhat on the Tea Party. Case in point is Joe Miller refusing to endorse Sara Palin.
Some races have a third candidate (Tea Party) and their support is the difference that the Republican candidate trails by…

So my question is, when the Democrats hold on to power in both the house and Senate will Republicans turn in mass against the Tea Party making them a footnote in history?


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