The Fox News Sheep

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Anti Republican, Anti tea Party/ Republican, Uncategorized

Fox News is for those that lack the ability to reasonably and intelligently process thoughts.

I think the inability to reason is shown in several ways.

They lack the ability to think more than the spoon feed shallow thought process shoved into their mouths by talking points driven Republican mantra.

They are feed what they want to hear. They are inundated with hate driven narrative, IE: Gays marrying, Gays in the Military, Muslims, Illegal Immigrants, Socialism, Obamacare, Liberal want to…, Attacks on Christmas, are you disgusted?

Because they are feed what they want to hear they wont bother to take 5 minutes to check the facts and the republican pundits feast on that.

The scary thing is we as people haven’t learned a thing for if we are not careful history will soon repeat itself and 1939 will be nothing but a rerun only this time Nukes will be used more than twice!


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