Killing the Tax Cut Creates Jobs

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Anti Republican, Anti tea Party/ Republican, Tax Cut, Uncategorized

Here’s the facts…

Republicans want Bush’s tax cuts to be extended. They are saying, if we don’t extend the cuts it will kill jobs… Well here’s a bit of news that Republicans may not have heard about in, ummm, lets see, about 9 years! The Tax cuts have been in for 9 years and all we have done is bled jobs. Yet when the Tax rates were higher and the budget was under control, the unemployment was 1/3 of what it is now… So now the republicans want you to believe that by extending the cuts jobs will all of a sudden appear… Republicans have their hands in your pocket again and they want to keep it there.

Just because you give a millionaire a tax break that he’s already getting doesn’t mean he’s going to hire… he already has the tax break and he’s not hiring now so why should we believe he will hire when the cuts are extended?… What I am saying is Tax cuts have nothing to do with jobs… what it does concern is the deficit and economy loves a balanced budget. The people grow confident when you show a strong budget. There is only one way to do that… We are at war so you are not going to cut the military. Even the republicans can only find $100billion to cut. That’s a drop in a $3.7 trillion budget. You can’t cut Medicare or SS. Welfare w/Medicaid is really a small amount when compared to the rest… So what do you cut? Education? Military? NASA? Roads and Infrastructure (add to the UE? Really?)…. You need to raise taxes… Pure and simple. Bring the Deficit in line and consumer confidence will follow. Hiring will then  follow as business picks ups… then tax revenue will increase and the deficit will turn once again to a surplus … but this time don’t give tax breaks start paying down the debt so we don’t screw ourselves again!


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