Thankfully I’m an Adult and I don’t mind Taxes!

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Anti Republican, Anti tea Party/ Republican, republican, Tax Cut, Tea Party, Uncategorized

I wouldn’t mind paying more in taxes and I’m far from rich! I’m an Adult and I realize that to live in a country where you have great things and a good education, and you can drive down nice roads and the military is fighting wars and the poor don’t live on the streets and kids don’t starve to death and the sick don’t die by the 1000’s and we can go to parks to enjoy an afternoon with our children and we can call the police when we have a problem and the court system will take over and punish the offender and the prison will house the offender and if our home was destroyed by a storm the Fire Company would rescue us and if we were homeless because our home was destroyed a shelter would take us in and if we lost our job from that storm we’d get unemployment and if we couldn’t get a new home because we had no money because of the storm the government would help us with rent and if we got sick we’d get help with our medical bills and when we get better we can find another job and get back on our feet and until that time taxes is what got us through!!

Thankfully I’m an adult and I realize taxes keep us is the difference between us and  an undeveloped country!

  1. Jeanie Meador says:

    I wish we had more ADULTS who felt the way we do. Unfortunately, there are the Republican’s and the Tea Party. Need I say more?

  2. srv1499 says:

    Republicans don’t want to pay Taxes but they want the benefits Taxes bring and they say Democrats sponge off the rest of everyone else…

  3. Counsel says:

    Actually, I want to spend an appropriate amount for things that make a difference… I don’t think we need the 52,440 service-men and -women in Germany–who, exactly, are we expecting to attack Europe at this point? Why aren’t those tax dollars better spent–either to solve military issues in other places or on non-military spending?

    It isn’t whether taxes are here or are to be abolished. It is the wise spending that most of us hope to see. I assume you don’t pay $500 for a toilet seat just to say you have the benefit of being able to use a toilet where others in developing countries have to use a hole in the ground…

    See that difference?

    Secondly, there are different taxes… Some people complain about income tax, and some people complain about taxing profits on investments (Republicans mostly). However, property tax pays for fire service and for education in most states. I don’t see people complaining about these taxes (for the most part).

    You want to give services away to those that don’t pay? So do I. However, I don’t want to give handouts with no requirements. For instance… I’d have a work requirement to get food stamps…
    Wikipedia (with references) states:

    The number of Americans receiving food stamps reached 39.68 million in February 2010, the highest number since the SNAP program began in 1939.[4] As of June 2009, the average monthly benefit was $133.12 per person.[5] As of late November 2009, one in eight Americans and one in four children[6] are using food stamps and the program rate is growing at 20,000 people a day.[7] Recipients must have at least near-poverty incomes to qualify for benefits.[8]

    I approve of helping folk out, but I would not just give them something for nothing. I’d make them work, get an education, etc. to show that we are solving the problem and not just creating more fish (religious reference…). Teach a man to fish, and he won’t need the handout. We are handing out lots of stuff, but I don’t see us solving the problem that leads to the need for the handout.

    So taxes are fine so long as we solve problems. I doubt you would take something to stop the pain of cancer without also trying to treat the cancer itself. It is fine to treat the symptom, but treating the symptom and ignoring the problem doesn’t mean you are really helping solve the problem-underlying or not..

  4. srv1499 says:


    Let me take your post a mouthful at a time.

    Having 52,440 service men and women in Germany was a great idea… In 1985… In 2010 its a colossal waste of money.

    $500 toilet seats and $700 hammers are kind of a mixed story. Yes its true that in cases we have paid that for those items but what you don’t realize is that the seat was not your normal seat and had to be made from scratch. The mold had to be made for a single seat. A company won’t make a mold for $100’s and sell the seat for $10, same for the hammer. It was a special hammer. If i remember the case right the hammer was for a billion dollar plane and you couldn’t run down to the ACE hardware and just pick it up. Making a mold and so forth is very expensive.

    I never complain about paying taxes because I live in a country that has nice things and supports its people. Property taxes aren’t the only thing that pay for schools and fire protection. The Fed send billions to states each year and they get that money from income taxes. BTW, if you live in NJ you complain about property taxes LOL.

    You say you want to make people work for food stamps. OK, well most people that are on Food Stamps already work. Many active Military members are on Food Stamps. Plus do you want to also pay for the child care of the people that have to work getting their $160 a month food stamps? Child care costs can run nearly what the person will work off… Do you want the children to work for their benefits? See the parent receives the child’s benefit. Its not the parents benefit. Can you legally force someone to work for someone else’s benefits? How about all the foster children? Do the foster parents work for their benefits or do the foster children?

    Well using your biblical reference wouldn’t you agree that giving a man a free education IS teaching a man to fish?

  5. srv1499 says:

    To Tony…The reason I didn’t allow your post is because I don’t believe a word you said!

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