Hate and How The Republicans Use It To Keep Power

Posted: December 11, 2010 in Anti Republican, Anti tea Party/ Republican, republican, Tea Party, The Election

I’ve said this before; racism and hate are the reasons why the Republican Party still exists. Without it they’d have roughly 3% of the vote.

How else can you convince someone that it’s a good thing to vote against your own self interest… to work until you are 70, have no health insurance, work for no minimum wage, have no benefits, have no job security, work in unsafe conditions, have your benefits cut when you lose your job, have the ecology destroyed for corporate profit that you will never see, watch your drinking water catch fire from frocking fluids needed so energy companies can reap ridiculous profits, watch banks collapse from deregulation watch the Gulf turn Black from Oil because the Party you vote for thought oil companies should regulate themselves, proudly have your children killed in a war over lies for the profit of mega companies getting no bid contracts… how do you get people to do that? You throw in hate and racism then thought and reason go to the wayside.

2004, Gays are going to Marry unless you vote against your own self interest!

2008 Gays are going to marry and join the Military if you don’t vote against your own self interest….. Oops… they didn’t buy it this time… need to come back stronger!

2010 Obama Care is going to have the Government take over your health Care (Oh, yeah they already do, it’s called Medicare and it doesn’t work too badly)! Death Panels (FALSE)! Trillion Dollars that we can’t afford!… (They didn’t mention this would actually save the US $100+ Billion…)

Mexican Babies will be born American Citizens if you don’t stop Democrats. (They forget to mention Reagan gave them Amnesty)

Muslims are going to build a Mosque near the Towers… as though ALL Muslims attacked us on 9/11. (I know many Muslims and none want to destroy the US and all love this country. More Christians have attacked this Country than Muslims…)


The one thing they don’t talk about is the issues because they realize they can’t. They can’t stand on the issues. After all who wants to screw themselves? They just want to hate someone or something and the Republican Freight Train rolls on, knowing this and using this to leverage it and be able to at least win enough seats to have some power.

Why does this work? Many American’s have a preconceived notions about certain things. Then you put Fox in the mix, (Notice I Purposely left the word News off that equation? That’s because they themselves have admitted they are not a News Organization.[1]) and they start shoving Talking Point after Talking Point down their listeners’ throats. They throw so much up against the wall they have to hit something their audience believes. Once their audience starts hearing one thing they believe they begin to listen for more. If what they heard originally was about gay marriage for example, and the listener was firmly a Homophobe then the following would be very powerful, “You can’t allow Gays to marry, would you want two guys living next to, kissing and holding hands… IN FRONT OF YOUR CHILDREN! RECRUTING THEM AND PERHAPS MOLESTING THEM WHEN YOU AREN’T LOOKING????” Nearly those exact words were being said during the 2004 campaign for president. Then that person will listen for more feedings and tend to believe anything that is being said without checking for its factual basis. Why should they, they already accept it as true it and now a National Television Program has just confirmed their beliefs, no reason to research it any further.

It matters none that the facts don’t support Gay neighbors recruiting your children and molesting them and in fact your children are far more likely to be molested by a straight church official or heterosexual republican than a Gay person but does that matter to those that have thrown themselves so wantonly at the feet of Fox and the deception? No, people heard what they wanted because it mimicked their own values and their myopia lead them to vote for the worst president in this country’s history. Fox purposely did this so their listeners ignored the issues. After all, the issues were Wars started over lies; dead US Soldiers, No WMDs, 9/11 happened because Bush thought his buddies making billions on Star Wars to protect America from a State Sponsored Missile Launch that is so remote because who in their right mind would launch a single missile at the US? It would ensure total destruction to their entire country. That was far more important than Terrorism, even after Clinton warned him that Bin Laden was his number one threat as he left office



[2], deficit spending had again gone wild during another Republican President after being handed a balanced budget but again we find trillions in tax breaks to his buddies far more important than this County’s well being. Out of all the disasters and lies brought on by the Republicans and Bush what was the number one concern by the people that voted for them? A hate issue… Gay Marriage… That was of greater importance than all the things previously mentioned. Again, Republicans can’t stand on the issues…

Hate trumps reason… Racism trumps intelligence…

In 2008 we found two things happened, Republicans came out weak with their Hate and they came out weak with their Candidates. They got hammered.


They did not make the mistake again as far as the Hate issue in 2010. They hit the hate accelerator as hard and as often as possible as previously mentioned. Their followers reveled in it. Again those that call themselves Republicans heard what they wanted so why bother checking the facts? Why bother checking to see if Obama has only been in for 20 months and his policies have only had a few months to actually start working and why bother to see if the economy has at worst leveled off and at best started to rebound from the worst disaster since the Republican lead depression… And who has the time to check the facts to see if Tarp was actually a Bush Program and not an Obama program, even when Bush is running around claiming it. Now watch and see those who blamed the program on Obama take credit for it when it turns out to be a good program. (Note: I have always supported the program from the beginning, I just think it could have been handled differently during the Bush portion of the Bailout, Banks, but when you look at the auto bailouts, Obama portion, what a great success that program was). It was always more important to make sure Lucida and Tomas didn’t have their baby in the US and Abbas and Abdul didn’t build a Mosque near Ground Zero next to the two strip clubs (within three blocks of Ground Zero) so they don’t desecrate the Hallowed grounds that were once the World Trade Center… Completely forgetting that dozens of those killed on 9/11 were themselves Muslims.


No, those that followed the Republican mantra for 2010 did so because they failed to do due diligence when it comes to the facts. What the obtuse followed was the xenophobic battle hymn of very intelligent and influential drummers. After all how else did they get be in that 3% of the Republicans that could only get their own votes without the ability to use hate as a weapon to get others to vote against their own self interest…

[1] Fox Written Statement to CNN Oct 12, 2009 “An increasing number of viewers are relying on Fox News for both news and opinion,” Fox News Senior VP Michael Clemente said in the statement, “and the average news consumer can certainly distinguish between the A-section of the newspaper and the editorial page, which is what our programming represents.


“So with all due respect to anyone who might still be confused about the difference between news reporting and vibrant opinion, my suggestion would be to talk about the stories and the facts rather than the [sic] attack the messenger . . . which over time has never worked.”

[2] Clinton said, according to Reuters. “I told him (bush) that in my opinion, the biggest security problem was Osama bin Laden.”

  1. Jeanie Meador says:

    Hi: Great Post. Once again nailed it on the head. Republicans always run on God, Gays, & Guns and O.M.G. you can’t imagine how many idiots I know that just follow them and their crap like it is the gospel. First Obama was going to take their guns, so they loaded up on guns and amo, then when that didn’t happen, it was that letting gays serve openly in the military would get someone killed (even though they have always served in the military, and this has yet to happen),Then gay marriage threatened marriage, how is a mystery to me, unless they thought they couldn’t resist another man or woman, and then there wasn’t enough christianity in politics. When I try and explain to them that there shouldn’t be any laws based on the bible or their christian beliefs, that law should be based on fact and rights, they tell me that that is whats wrong with America. I emphatically tell them, “No” imposing their beliefs into the rights of people is one of the biggest things wrong with politics. If it weren’t for the people who voted for the Democrats getting hurt, I would wish that those who voted Republican against their best interest would get what they deserve, no unemployment, more deficit, no health insurance, no jobs, no SS, no medicare, etc. Unfortunately, those who could have voted that are democrat and just sat it out should get the same treatment. I wonder what those people who voted for the Repubs thinking I don’t know, that they would somehow after always representing the interests of the wealthy, would somehow magically start caring about the poor and middle class and now are seeing that nothing has changed, regret their votes now. I wonder if they are smart enough to see what they have done?

  2. RDSouth says:

    It’s not as simple as that. Many conservatives are persuaded to oppose liberalism because of highhanded mistakes it has made, which are made out to be intentional conspiracies. Just as I am persuaded to oppose conservatism because of highhanded intentional conspiracies it has made, which are made out to be mistakes.

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