I am the Anti-Teabagger! These self-centered, racist, dimwitted religious freaks are what’s wrong with this country. They are so disingenuous it’s scary. There’s a word they want to use when they attack Obama but they don’t, in public, they say stuff like he’s a Socialist, or he’s running deficits that is ruining the country. They don’t even know what socialist means… or where were they when Bush Jr. ran record deficits?… I’ll address that in a posts later…

From my First Post

The Anti-Tea Party

Posted: September 9, 2010 by srv1499 in Anti tea Party/ Republican, Uncategorized
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What can I say other than what I want this Blog to be about… I hate the Tea Party. They are a bunch of self-centered idiots that care for no one but themselves…. They are hatred personified, one step away from Zieg Hiel! Don’t take my word for it alone, watch them at town hall meetings and rallies. They heckle people in Wheel Chairs that are worried about losing their home… I’d bet that if Glen Beck or that Pin Head Palin stood up and ordered Tea Baggers to kill Muslims this country would be shaken to its foundation. These people would go nuts and attack everyone that looked Muslim… you are already seeing people attacked because they look Muslim nearly everyday, all these people need is a little push! So in this Blog I hope to point out not only their fallacies but along with them the Republican Party and it’s screwing of America too.

If you weren’t screaming when Bush was in office running up record deficits (Yes folks Bush ran record deficits when he was in office), If you weren’t screaming when Bush blew trillions starting a war on lies, if you weren’t screaming when Bush blew a balanced budget by giving his buddy millionaires trillions in tax breaks, if you weren’t screaming when Bush gave no bid contracts to drug companies through Medicare allowing them to rob trillions from your taxes and run the deficit up, if you weren’t screaming when Bush ran this country into the ground then you need to shut up now… Your whining is showing you are disingenuous at best and showing your racial biases at worse!

I can’t stand how they invoke the name of God, and claim how they are Christians. Here’s a hint: If Christianity were true Republicans and Tea Partyers would be in deep, deep trouble.

Thank You for taking your time and reading, I hope you enjoy or if you are a republican/Tea Party Member I hope something I say resonates and you wake up to the damage done by your blind faith in politics!

  1. T Cornel says:

    So true, all of your comments!! I’m furious. Glad you’re trying to get the word out. The village idiots are killing my love of this country.

  2. Lucy says:

    Hey you, I am impressed and thank you for sharing your site with me. I look forward to reading your future insight as it is a mirrored image of mine. Hugs!

  3. Omar says:

    My thoughts exactly, in an organized way. Look forward to reading more. Props for the blog.

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