Here’s the facts…

Republicans want Bush’s tax cuts to be extended. They are saying, if we don’t extend the cuts it will kill jobs… Well here’s a bit of news that Republicans may not have heard about in, ummm, lets see, about 9 years! The Tax cuts have been in for 9 years and all we have done is bled jobs. Yet when the Tax rates were higher and the budget was under control, the unemployment was 1/3 of what it is now… So now the republicans want you to believe that by extending the cuts jobs will all of a sudden appear… Republicans have their hands in your pocket again and they want to keep it there.

Just because you give a millionaire a tax break that he’s already getting doesn’t mean he’s going to hire… he already has the tax break and he’s not hiring now so why should we believe he will hire when the cuts are extended?… What I am saying is Tax cuts have nothing to do with jobs… what it does concern is the deficit and economy loves a balanced budget. The people grow confident when you show a strong budget. There is only one way to do that… We are at war so you are not going to cut the military. Even the republicans can only find $100billion to cut. That’s a drop in a $3.7 trillion budget. You can’t cut Medicare or SS. Welfare w/Medicaid is really a small amount when compared to the rest… So what do you cut? Education? Military? NASA? Roads and Infrastructure (add to the UE? Really?)…. You need to raise taxes… Pure and simple. Bring the Deficit in line and consumer confidence will follow. Hiring will then  follow as business picks ups… then tax revenue will increase and the deficit will turn once again to a surplus … but this time don’t give tax breaks start paying down the debt so we don’t screw ourselves again!


Fox News is for those that lack the ability to reasonably and intelligently process thoughts.

I think the inability to reason is shown in several ways.

They lack the ability to think more than the spoon feed shallow thought process shoved into their mouths by talking points driven Republican mantra.

They are feed what they want to hear. They are inundated with hate driven narrative, IE: Gays marrying, Gays in the Military, Muslims, Illegal Immigrants, Socialism, Obamacare, Liberal want to…, Attacks on Christmas, are you disgusted?

Because they are feed what they want to hear they wont bother to take 5 minutes to check the facts and the republican pundits feast on that.

The scary thing is we as people haven’t learned a thing for if we are not careful history will soon repeat itself and 1939 will be nothing but a rerun only this time Nukes will be used more than twice!

In the general election so few Tea Party Backed Candidates are showing they stand a chance to get elected to office. Florida Governor, Indiana, South Carolina and few others. Most trail by double digits.

Even Christine O’Donnell, the pride of the Tea Party queen Sara Palin has been abandoned.  Money has dried up and she trails by as many as 17 points. She cost Republicans a seat because of her primary victory. Once the spot light was on this nut job and adults saw her, her wacko idea’s and thoughts, plus her real life failures, her support is left to those that blindly vote for an Idea not reality…

Had Mike Castle won the primary he’d have stood a good chance to win in November. But like many other Tea Party victories in the Primaries only 3% of the registered voters bothered to turn out and that handed the primary to O’Donnell and ultimately to the Democrats. Same goes for New York where 2% turned out to vote Paladino to the Republican ticket and he trails by as much as 20 points.

Had A moderate Republican won in Nevada Harry Reid would be trailing by 10 points. Instead he leads by 2…

This is playing out in race after race. Once these right wing nut jobs views and lives are exposed for what they are they are left with the support that won them the nomination and little else… with few exceptions. Remember they ran 100’s of candidates and and maybe 3 have a lead… There are several Tea Party backed Republicans but that is different and many of those have already turned their backs somewhat on the Tea Party. Case in point is Joe Miller refusing to endorse Sara Palin.
Some races have a third candidate (Tea Party) and their support is the difference that the Republican candidate trails by…

So my question is, when the Democrats hold on to power in both the house and Senate will Republicans turn in mass against the Tea Party making them a footnote in history?

Sounds like the mob? Pay for protection? Does it sound like America to you? Does it sound like the America that you want to live in? It sure as hell doesn’t sound like the America I want!

But this is exactly what is happening in South Fulton Tennessee.  Just ask Gene Cranick whose home burned down and the fire department refused to go to the scene until the fire began to spread to a neighbor’s property. Once on the scene the firefighters refused to put out Cranick’s fire because of a measly $75 that Cranick failed to pay this year… Republicans are defending the Fire Department!  The same people that scream Jesus this and Jesus that and we need more morals in this country are defending watching and family’s home burn, and 4 pets with it… for a $75 “FEE”! Call it fee all you want but in reality it’s a tax! Republicans do this all the time… they lower your taxes at the Federal level then States have to raise money from lost federal revenue so they raise tolls and fees  but they don’t call them taxes that way the idiots can go, “Yea Republicans lowered our taxes!”

Now I heard it suggested that he’s not in the fire Departments area so they didn’t have to respond, well if that were the case then why are they billing him for protection?

If you read my blog you’ll see that not long ago I wrote a piece about America becoming 2 countries called “The Division of America”. I wrote that prior to this incident. Here is a quote from the article that I wrote: “Then if your house burns down, you call a private fire company to put out the fire and if you don’t have the money, oh well…” That refers to America becoming a pay for everything society, if you have the money you’ll get things like fire protection and police protection but if not then you are screwed. You simply watch your home burn, or thugs rob your for everything you own. This is the America the Tea Party and Republican’s want!

The question is, is that the America that you want to give them?

I supported George Bush’s war on Iraq even though they had nothing to do with 9/11 but somebody had to pay for it and they were Muslim!

But I’m not a racist! Damn It!

I supported George Bush’s war on Iraq even though it killed a million innocent people, 5000 Americans and cost US Taxpayers several Trillion dollars (by the time we are completely out) installing Free Health Care there but I vehemently object to giving Americans free health care because we can’t give  Roshanda things for free, I can’t stand seeing that!

But I’m not a racist! Damn It!

I hate Unions, even though they have given me everything I own and I have many protections because of them. Without them, the hourly wage, all the benefits and safe working conditions I enjoy now simply would be non-existent. However, every time I see Deshaun not working and his job protected under the same rules that protect my job (even though I don’t know the reason Deshaun isn’t working) I want to decertify the Union. I don’t care if I lose everything as long these lazy Africans jobs aren’t protected!

But I’m not a racist! Damn It!

OBAMA IS SPENDING US TO RUIN! I can’t stand how his socialist policies of helping “AMERICAN’S” are spending us into the poor house! I liked it better when Bush gave Trillions in Tax Breaks to his buddies and blew a balanced budget and ran record deficits and I never said a peep when he gave Big Phrama no bid drug contracts to Medicare insuring wasted Trillions of my Tax money for decades to come but by golly at least he didn’t give anything to Tayshaun or Deontay!

But I’m not a racist! Damn It!

It sucks thinking that somebody who doesn’t work or only works part time will get Health Care now! I say that’s wrong! Even if it means that the insurance company that I paid into for years can deny me coverage the minute I get a serious illness and no other company will touch me because of said illness! I’m not concerned with that at this moment, what I care about is Shaniqua and Tawanda having babies and all of them getting health care! I’d rather die 1st!

But I’m not a racist! Damn It!

It’s incredible how easy it is to get morons to vote against their own self interest just by throwing an ever so slight hint of racism into the conversation!

As an example: A predominantly white news channel says, “They will give people free health care but it will cost YOU 1 Trillion dollars.” In the background they show a photo of a black woman with 4 children… Have they done anything wrong? I report you decide!

It is true that many blacks are on public assistance, but this isn’t just because they get free things and they don’t have to work. Inner cities are hell. Pure and simple. High unemployment because there are no jobs. Manufacturers don’t build plants there so the only jobs that are available are low paying retail jobs. Without jobs, people don’t have the money to buy vehicles so they are stuck where they live. Crime, drugs and doing what you have to do is survival. Many people that point to these people as what’s wrong with America would do exactly what they do if they are put in the same situation. You may think you won’t but it comes down to your survival you’d do what it takes.

As for people drawing welfare so they don’t have to work, that’s ridicules. In most states a person gets around $200 a month on welfare. I don’t know too many people that can live on $200 a month. Plus while drawing welfare you must go through their program and search for a job nearly every day. That includes putting your resume on line in their system. Applying for X amount of jobs per week. Reporting the results of all interviews and the name of the interviewer. Plus you have a limited amount of time that you can draw Benefits during your lifetime, unless you are disabled and you are waiting for your SSD to be approved.

No folks, get off the welfare is a career for black people crap. It proves you don’t think very intelligently and you’re a racist!… DAMN IT!

Feel free to click on the titles and leave comments and then come back and read my response.

I truly believe that America should be divided into 2 separate countries. Country A or Red and Country B or Blue. Before the divide happens each person will get the choice of which section they want to live in, but once they make their choice they can NEVER change their decision.

The choices you have will be simple. Country Red will be completely capital driven. Socialism will be non-existent. That means there will be no taxes. So when a crime is committed you will have to call a private police firm and pay them to solve the case. Then you will have to pay for the court, prison and all else involved because we know how much Republicans hate to be lenient on criminals. Then if your house burns down, you call a private fire company to put out the fire and if you don’t have the money, oh well… You will be completely self dependent. Your education? Totally up to you and at your cost. Any road work must be shared with all those living on your street. Remember you hate socialism and all of those services are socialism 101…

When you lose your job or are disabled you are on your own. No disability, no food stamps, no unemployment, no welfare, no housing, no health Insurance, no help what so ever! You and your kids are fully dependent on you.

If power or phone companies don’t want to supply electric or phone to you because you live in an area that will cost them more then they can make they don’t have to you simply do without.

No minimum wage, the market decides what you make. Unions will be outlawed so you will be forced to work in conditions that suit the employer and if you don’t like it find another job because if you complain they have the right to fire you at will.

You must attend a church at least once a week and give 10% of your earnings and pray to god. If you break any of Gods Laws you can be stoned in the church parking lot during the weekly stoning.

There will be only 1 amendment in your Constitution, the 2nd… no need for the 4th as you never spoke up when Bush Jr. did warrantless wiretaps anyway. Besides you are always complaining about the press so the 1st is out and the 14th would only mean gays have rights too so forget that one!

There will be no over site laws for companies because you hate Government Regulation! So when a company floods the Gulf with Oil, or when Enron’s accounting is deceitful and the company goes under after stealing all your money too bad! That’s just how Capitalism works!

But there is good news, at least when Insurance companies want to deny you for pre-existing conditions you can say I love it, that’s why I moved here! After all this is what true capitalism is and this is what you really want… isn’t it?

In Blue America, we have Taxes because we have socialistic programs. We educate our people so they will have a better future. We protect the sick, the elderly and the poor. When you are out of work, you and your children won’t starve or be on the street. Your working conditions are safe and you will make a living wage or if your wage is low you get help paying your bills.

In Blue America you won’t lose everything you’ve worked so hard for because some Insurance company decides they don’t want to pay your Medical bills any more after you get sick. In Blue America you have rights! More than just the 2nd!

In Blue America we pool our resources together for betterment of all but at the same time you have opportunities to be at the top because you are educated and your resources are plentiful. In Blue America you are welcome if you are Black, Muslim, Gay, White, Purple, Mexican or anything but stupid and don’t believe that we all in this together and we need to help each other instead of being for just yourself until it is YOU that needs something!

Which side do you think will prosper and succeed? If you want a model for red America look no further than any 3rd world country. Somalia should be your first choice!

If you believe that Country Red is not what you want and you are Republican, then you need to shut the fuck up because that is EXACTLY what you are asking for, however, you may be too dumb to know it!